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    A Teaching Artist’s Confession - Posted on by

    By Stacey Bone-Gleason, Teaching Artist and Actress. I’m not good at everything, and that’s ok. There, I said it! I know it sounds obvious but, as a teaching artist, I’ve found it’s hard for me to admit. I’ll happily admit the things I have trouble with outside of my artistic field: I can’t draw; I can’t cook a steak; and … Read More

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    What is in Your Bag? - Posted on by

    By Lauren Jost, Teaching Artist A few weeks ago I was sitting on the subway and, at one of the express stops, moved my bag over to make room for another commuter in a business suit.  She sat down next to me and glanced at my bag, which was overflowing with juggling scarves and puppet legs.  She raised her eyebrow, … Read More

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    Healthcare for Teaching Artists - Posted on by

    By Heleya de Barros, Co-chair of the Roundtable’s TA Affairs Committee Halloween has passed, Thanksgiving is around the corner, and that means that it is time for open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace!  I know, for some this might inspire more dread than doing your taxes, but I’m here to share that it doesn’t have to be … Read More

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    The Why… of Teaching Artistry - Posted on by

    By Elise May, Theater Teaching Artist How often do you ask yourself why you do what you do? When I started as a Teaching Artist, long before that term was coined, my work consisted of sharing my expertise in a particular area with a particular audience. My measure of success was whether or not I was asked back. If I … Read More

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    Dance Educators in New Jersey Dance to Learn - Posted on by

    Professional dance companies and teaching artists based in New Jersey joined together this week to participate in the annual Dance to Learn Community Day. Participants engaged in a range of activities to learn new ways to teach the Dance to Learn curriculum. Dance to Learn is a four-year interdisciplinary dance curriculum with the goal to advance dance education in schools … Read More

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