The New York City Arts in Education Roundtable is a service organization and a community of arts education practitioners sharing information, providing professional development, and communicating with the public to promote our work in schools and beyond. 


Established in 1992, the Roundtable serves major cultural institutions as well as smaller, community-based organizations. Our member-driven organization began as a grassroots effort to provide support and networking opportunities for the staff of arts education service providers, as well as to improve and advance the state of arts in education.

Over the years, the Roundtable has continued to expand its array of professional development opportunities and offerings. Since its inception, our major event is the annual Face to Face Conference, which currently attracts 500 participants and presenters for two days of speeches, panels, and breakout sessions.  In addition to the conference, the Roundtable has provided several seminar series led by university professors, workshops and panels on topics ranging from back-office operations to classroom management and instructional practice, and large convenings featuring nationally renowned speakers.

In recent years, we have increasingly provided programs specially designed for teaching artists, including job fairs, sessions on hiring practices, and forums for sharing best practices. The many noteworthy speakers who have addressed us over the years include schools chancellor Ramon Cortines; DCA commissioner Kate Levin; education professors Lucy Calkins and Maxine Greene; television reporter and commentator John Merrow; education historian and advocate Diane Ravitch; school reformer Deborah Meier; and Gigi Antoni, director of Big Thought, Dallas.

Organizational milestones include incorporation as a non-profit organization in 1998 and hiring our first Managing Director in 2012, both developments intended to professionalize and improve the services we provide our members. Among our recent projects is the launch of this website, which will further strengthen our ability to bring timely news, information, and ideas to the arts in education field.

The Roundtable currently has over 500 individual and organizational members, representing all five boroughs of New York City.